Phonak Paradise

CRAIG T. BARTH, Audiologist

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Phonak Paradise hearing aids feature the latest technology like unrivaled sound quality, universal connectivity, rechargeability and tinnitus relief features. Not only does Phonak Paradise connect directly to your Apple or Android phone so you can stream audio directly to your hearing aids - but it also allows you to simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices and seamlessly alternate between the two

Features of Phonak Paradise:

  • A full day of hearing aid use from a single charge using their Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery system
  • Paradise hearing aids can be adjusted remotely (telehealth) by Craig Barth, our Audiologist, if physical appointments are difficult
  • Paradise devices can stream directly from Bluetooth-enabled TVs, and can also stream any television from the Phonak TV Connector accessory
  • Stereo Bluetooth streaming from iPhone (iOS) , iPad, MacOS, Android, Windows, and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

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While it's possible to buy hearing aids over-the-counter or off the internet, hearing aids aren't like reading glasses — hearing loss is complex and unique to every person. To be truly effective, your hearing aids need to be custom fitted for you. We have the skills and experience to program your hearing aids precisely for your hearing loss.