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Auditory processing disorder (APD), is a neurological condition that impacts the brain’s ability to process auditory input - this can make it challenging to understand speech, follow oral instructions, or distinguish speech in noisy situations.

APD is considered a learning and social-communication disability, not a hearing problem. In many patients with APD, hearing thresholds are normal, but the central nervous system has trouble processing what’s being heard.

Some symptoms of APD are:

  • Difficulty hearing or understanding in background noise
  • Short attention span for auditory input
  • Difficulty following oral instructions
  • Easily distracted, impulsive and frustrated when too much noise is present
  • Can have the appearance of day dreaming or not listening often
  • Verbal requests are often met with “huh,” even after several repetitions

Craig Barth can provide APD Evaluations to help rule out common disorders and abnormalities and or the purposes of helping develop strategies and recommendations to lessen the impact of the disorder and help the individual succeed at school, work and other situations.

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