Modern innovations and technologies are improving the lives of countless people worldwide. One of the greatest has been the development of Bluetooth radio transmissions. This has allowed a greater connection of attachments to cars, T.V. sets, and of course, your smartphone. Bluetooth technology, has allowed for more accessibility even in healthcare. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can receive an E.K.G. without being tethered to an ungamely machine! Hearing devices have been a key beneficiary of this technological advancement, with Bluetooth technology being embedded in most modern hearing aids.

The good news is that Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids offer a wider range of benefits over regular hearing aid devices. Let's look through some of these benefits to enhance hearing aid performance.

A short introduction to Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology allows two or more electronic devices to connect wirelessly over short distances by sending radio waves. These are sent via the 2.4 gHz radio “channel”, and in a language, or set of commands, that both the sending device and receiving device understand. Our capacity to link to our cars, cell phones, and even televisions has been revolutionized by Bluetooth. Bluetooth hearing aids allow sounds to be delivered directly - and wirelessly - into your hearing aids from their source (smartphone, laptop, tablet, TV, etc.).

Most current hearing aids have the Bluetooth chip embedded in the hearing aid itself and can connect to Bluetooth enabled devices directly. There are two different hearing aid Bluetooth “languages”, called protocols, one for Apple-based products and one for Android and Windows-based products. For the few older models which do not have the Bluetooth chip embedded inside, there is usually an external streamer device for Bluetooth communications.

The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

Better sound quality

Multiple radio channels are now being used to send sounds via Bluetooth. As a result, there's less chance of interference or dropped connections. Also, when employing Bluetooth technology, feedback, whistling, and other hearing aid challenges are almost eliminated.

You can use them on both ears

An added benefit of Bluetooth technology is that Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids better communicate with each other, thereby giving the wearer a more natural sound experience and better localization. The capacity to distinguish where a sound originates and its distance to you are carried in localization cues. In addition, Bluetooth allows the user to hear a phone conversation in both ears, thereby improving phone clarity and minimizing listening fatigue.

The Ability to Connect to a Variety of Devices

Since most current media devices already have Bluetooth connectivity, choosing Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids gives the user greater flexibility. Some Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can connect to eight different devices and communicate with two different devices simultaneously. For example, you could be “streaming” audio from your SmartTV and your cell phone rings (in your ears, of course). Just tap your hearing aid or phone, to take the call and after you hand up, the TV audio channel automatically resumes.

Wireless and hands-free

Bluetooth is a completely wireless connection - no more tangled cables or being restricted due to cable length. Bluetooth not only eliminates the need for wired connections but also allows you to work hands-free. Users can answer a phone call and stream conversations directly into their hearing aids using Bluetooth technology, making calls can be fully hands-free and confidential.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids for you?

When deciding whether or not to invest in Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids, it's critical to balance the pros and drawbacks. While there are numerous advantages to using Bluetooth hearing aids, this does not guarantee that they are the ideal option for all hearing aid users. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids will drain more battery power while the Bluetooth feature is turned on. However, rechargeable hearing aids are designed to work a full day with the Bluetooth on

When it is time for a new or upgraded hearing aid, consider ones with Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth capability is now in most of the new hearing aid models hitting the market today. They promise the ability to stream sound from televisions and phones without a messy tangle of wires. Each year, we see more devices being Bluetooth enabled. Right now, it is technically possible to touch your hearing aid to change the temperature in your house or to raise your garage door!

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