Oticon Real

CRAIG T. BARTH, Audiologist

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The Oticon Real is the latest cutting-edge hearing aid from Oticon that furnishes your brain with the auditory details it needs to construct a richer, more natural sound environment. Incorporating an updated More Sound Intelligence 2.0 system, Real delivers improved speech understanding and amplified clarity, reducing listening effort and offering a more immersive auditory experience. Oticon Real, succeeding Oticon More, also debuts the world's first Wind & Handling Stabilizer feature, utilizing Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, trained on millions of real-life sounds, to decrease wind and handling noise effectively.

Features of Oticon Real:

  • The latest More Sound Intelligence 2.0 that utilizes a DNN, trained on an extensive database of real-life sounds, to recognize a wide variety of sound types and support your brain's sound processing
  • Direct streaming to both iOS and Android devices for seamless connectivity
  • The upgraded Oticon ON app, allowing users to control their hearing aid comfortably and conveniently from their devices
  • Options for both lithium-ion-based rechargeable models and disposable battery models, providing flexibility according to user preferences
  • The innovative Wind & Handling Stabilizer feature to minimize distractions from wind and handling noise
  • The new Sudden Sound Stabilizer to control sudden loud sounds, enhancing listening comfort

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