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As an independent practice, we have the flexibility to recommend, dispense and program hearing aids from all the major hearing aid manufacturers.

As an independent practice, we have the flexibility to recommend and dispense from all the major hearing aid manufacturers. As such, we have access to the best and most appropriate hearing aid technology for you. Of course, the selection process involves a number of factors—hearing aid technology, the degree pattern and origin of hearing loss, your lifestyle and budget. Once the hearing aids are selected and dispensed, we will program (fine tune) them to suit your specific hearing needs.

If the treatment plan indicates you're a good candidate for hearing aids, we discuss the many choices available to you. Choosing the optimal hearing aids considers the degree, pattern and origin of your hearing loss. Also considered is your expectation from the hearing aid. Lastly, we return to your communication needs assessment, and discuss the degree of benefit will have in the listening environments that most challenge you. Also considered and discussed are the different price points and the different technology levels available. We don’t want you to overspend, yet it is crucial to have sufficient technology sophistication to meet you hearing needs. Again, without clouding the treatment plan, reasonable choices are offered.

Especially to those new to hearing aids, careful monitoring and follow-through in the first few weeks is critical. If anything seems not right or questions arise, an answer is just a phone call away!

Best practice is for patients to return for their first follow up in approximately two weeks after receipt of the new aids. Usually, the novice wearer will have experienced sufficient different listening scenarios to report as to of how the devices are working in those environments. We also ask patients to come in at the one-month mark (another two weeks later). Additional follow-ups usually are then scheduled for longer time intervals.

At each appointment, based on your input and reports, we make modifications to your hearing aids performance or physical fit, as appropriate. If, in the rare circumstance we come to the conclusion that a different set of aids may be more helpful, you can return the current set at no penalty and be fit with an alternative set. This exchange time window is available for 60 days after initial fitting. It's to be obtaining the greatest benefit possible.

When you purchase hearing aids from Craig Barth Audiologist, LLC, you're getting much more than just the devices themselves. As described above, you will receive complete access to our expertise. Every hearing aid we sell comes with a bundled service package that includes three years of hearing aid check-up and fine tuning visits. Some of the premium instruments come with a four year manufacturer’s extended warranty and a four year servicing package. Inquire about these!

If ever a concern or issue should arise, we encourage you to contact our Practice and speak to Liz or Craig. A solution is just a convenient appointment away! After the initial follow ups, we encourage our patients to return annually for hearing aid and hearing check-ups. Again, if you notice a change in hearing or hearing aid performance, before the annual follow-up, call the practice right away.

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